Xin Xin

Xin lives in SF and designs healthcare, games, ceramics, and tiny houses. She loves to obsessively research things and made this blog so her findings might be useful for someone else. Her name in Chinese translates to “Spicy Happy”, which she aims live up to.

In her professional life, Xin is a Senior Product Designer at One Medical, where the team is transforming healthcare by building a world-class primary care system that's high quality and accessible. Prior to that, she worked at IDEO on experiences ranging from the future of voting to a clinic for high risk patients to a modern breast pump for moms.

Speaking + Writing

2018 "Inclusive By Design" Grace Hopper Celebration
2018 "Inclusive Design Research" Invision Webinar
2018 "The Promises and Limits of Precision Health" Medium
2018 "The Future of Healthcare is Human" One Medical Technology
2017 "Storytelling For Healthcare" Medium
2017 "Storytelling in Healthcare" Design for Healthcare SF Meetup