Head Party

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Head Party is a networked AR game for Microsoft Hololens. You play with friends and guess who you are as they pantomime the character on your face. It plays similarly to charades or Head's Up.

Demo video with music from Rick Cody

I made this with a team over a weekend at Holohack 2016 in SF: Crystal Wai, Mark Sullivan, Sean Liu, and Ann-Caryn Cleveland. We were excited to try out the latest AR technology and were intrigued by what a social AR experience could be.

For the 2016 Hololens, I was impressed with the persistence of digital objects rendered on 3D space, but ultimately thought it wasn't ready for prime time. Besides technical challenges with finicky sensors, the viewing space where elements showed up was only the size of a post-it on your face. Plus voice recognition, the only way to control it, didn't pick up words very well.

Still it was a fun exploration and I'm excited to see where this technology goes in the future!

An early mock up of what we were shooting for.
Pixel art before I transferred to Qubicle for 3D rendering.

Xin Xin

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