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Icarus is a simple game that experiments with goals and narrative. It's based on the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus. The story goes that father and son try to escape from a vengeful king with wings made from feathers and wax. The son, Icarus, flies too close to the sun, his wings melt, and he plunges to his death. This game plays like Flappy Bird, only to reveal that the true goal is collect different endings. It's free to play here.

There are 10 endings total and the last two are extremely difficult to find. I only know of one person who has fully completed the game. What was interesting to me was the change in player behavior from "playing to win" to "playing to discover" as the game unfolded.

I made everything in 2 weeks and used Impact.js since javascript was the only programming language I was familiar with (other than Python). This handy game engine gave me a level editor, animations, and other basic features. View the source code here.

In retrospect I should have made it in Unity. There was not as much support and documentation for Impact.js so I struggled for hours to get enemies to spawn endlessly and get Icarus to follow the player. Lessons learned.

Xin Xin

Designer of healthcare, games, ceramics, and tiny houses. Name translates to spicy happy in Chinese. Currently a senior product designer at One Medical.