Silence of the Slugs

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Silence of the Slugs is a VR-enabled game about sacrifice. You are a volcano god. Allow slugs to deliver you goodies like donuts and ice cream, and use your godly powers to prevent heretics from feeding you nasty items. Play it free here

We made this over a weekend at the 2016 Global Game Jam, with Mark Sullivan, Evan Wallace, and Octavio Good on code. I teamed up with one of my favorite humans in the world, Kevin Laughlin, to do the art. He's a Google doodler and did most of the initial 2D pixel art, infusing it with his unique quirky style. I took assets into 3D and did the integration into Unity plus environment.

Kevin's concept art! I love this direction.

Our art software stack:

  • Illustrator for concept art and title screens
  • Photoshop for pixel art
  • Qubicle to create the voxel art (I would recommend MagicaVoxel going forward)
  • Picavoxel for the import and animation in Unity

There was a surplus of time for art so we made a lot of interactive bits, like the squished version of slugs and heretics, and heart signs when they were eaten. It was so satisfying to squash the little creatures!

My favorite power up: the hammer. You can also use freeze, wind, or explode.

Where the game fell short was the game design. There wasn't a great way to precisely control the powers. Controls were difficult to use and the way the points economy worked was unclear. People had way more fun zapping and freezing the creatures than "winning".

Due to the confusion in goal setting, it didn't really feel like a game. Lessons learned for next time. Maybe we can still recycle these assets for something else.

Xin Xin

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